Cannot modify/clear opening balance

Hi there,

I’ve got an opening balance set up on two of my bank accounts, but I cannot amend or clear them. When I make changes to the account (“I have an opening balance for this account” tickbox, the balance or it’s date ) and save them it gives a message back that it has been saved but it doesn’t do a thing. I even deleted and re-created my savings account without the opening balance but the initial balance still appeared. Has anyone else experienced this?


When you create an opening balance for a bank it basically just creates a journal in the background. I will look into why the OB is not getting removed from the bank setting screen but in general you can go to Reports >> Journals and delete the OB from there.


When we checked it appears that your OB was actually created from an imported trial balance not from the bank settings screen. So to remove or change that you will need to locate and modify the journal as mentioned above.

Hi, I am fairly new to quick file. I have a similar problem. I wanted to change the beginning balance in one of my accounts and could not change it. Then sometimes it showed the beginning balance on the ledge, sometimes it did not and last time it actually did not add up the numbers properly. I resorted to entering the beginning balance as a transfer from another account, but now it all of the sudden shows the beginning balance again.
Thanks for help

I’m a little confused? Is this an opening balance for a bank account?

Yes, it’s the opening balance of the account.

Let me send you a private message (within the forum, look for a green notification at the top) to get some account details and take a further look.