Cannot submit VAT return outside of quarterly dates


I am trying to submit a VAT return for the period 01-11-13 to 30-04-14 for my Quickfile accounts only (not HMRC).

I realise this is not within the standard quarterly return periods however due to a request from HMRC, I ended up having to submit a VAT for that specified period and then afterwards I reverted back to the quarterly returns (Jan, Apr, July, Oct).

All of my returns have been submitted with HMRC however my Quickfile accounts are now out of step and I’d like to add the VAT returns for my records (I do not need to submit anything to HMRC).

If I try to submit a VAT return for the period 01-11-13 to 30-04-14 I get an error stating “Vat return submission failed.
Incorrect Vat Period. Please check.”

I have also noticed a bug. If I select dates for another VAT period after the dates above, say 01-05-14 to 31-07-14 then the calculation pulls in all the invoices from 01-11-13 and not from 01-05-14 and the sales figures and VAT figures are way out. I assume the software is pulling un un-submitted invoices from other VAT periods?

Please help.

Firstly I wouldn’t recommend submitting old returns in this way just as a reference, what QF calculates is not likely to match to the penny what you actually submitted to HMRC. Instead just go into the VAT settings and set the “start date” to the start date of your next VAT quarter you intend to submit through QF.

That said from 1st November to 30th April covers a 6 month period, so you could just file 2 returns.

1st November 2013 to 31st January 2014
1st February 2014 to 30th April 2014

This is not a bug, QF will pull in all transactions up to your VAT start date (in VAT settings) or the end date of your last return, whichever is earliest. This is to automatically bring forward reconciled VAT items into the next return. See here.

Thanks Glenn.

I’ve raised another query. I would like to delete one of my existing VAT returns and re-create it with the correct flat rate %. Is this possible to do in QF?

Yes I answered that separately. One caveat I should add, you can only rollback returns in chronological order newest to oldest.

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