Can't log into my account

I have just logged onto my quickfile account and cant seem to find any historical data over the last six months when I joined Quickfile - any help would be appreciated on how to recover lost data.

I don’t see any problems with your account, I can see data going in there as far back as 2013.

Are you sure you aren’t logging in as an end user client?

You’re logging in as a client on your own account, not as the admin user.

I suggest you log out and try resetting your password.


I’ve changed the title of your post, as it was a tad misleading!

I logged in using the link you sent me so not sure why all historical data has disappeared? I have my quickfile account book marked on my computer so very confusing whats happened?

Nothing has disappeared, I can see 100% you’re logging into a client account you setup on your main account. I will reset your password on your admin account, look out for an email and follow the instructions.