Cant post to (4905) Distribution and Carriage

Good afternoon, Im trying to place postage/courier/delivery costs into the correct carriage accounts. I have already tagged all postage costs to the (5100) Carriage account, now I am trying to move some of them over to (4905) Distribution and Carriage, but that nominal account is absent from the selection [move to new code], even though it is present in the list of nominal accounts. Am I doing something wrong?

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4905 is for Sales (where you charge the customer)
5100 is for Purchases (where you’ve paid for it)

Why are you trying to move them? There may be an alternative code someone can suggest

4000 to 4999 are reserved for sales items, any code in the range of 5000-9997 should work.

Hi, it is outbound carriage as part of the cost of sales, so 4905 is the one it needs to go into

OK going back to your original post it seems you’re trying to move all entries from a purchase code to a sales code, using the re-coding feature. The re-coding feature is primarily used to fix postings that were incorrect to begin with.

Instead you can use a journal to move the balance across. The net effect will be much the same.

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