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Can't renew authority to file VAT return

I’ve been filing my VAT return using bridging via Quick File since January 2020. I have just received an email from Quick File asking me to renew the authority.

The process is failing

I am registered for MTD and my VAT number is correct, I have also tried de-linking and linking up again.

Can you help please?

Andrew Wood
Little Wheels Models Ltd

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Hi @AndrewWood

When you re-link your account make sure that you’re logged out of any government gateway account on your browser to avoid it auto logging in to a wrong account.

It may be worth you running through this troubleshooter: Making Tax Digital: Troubleshooting

Hi, Thanks for the response. I read the troubleshooting guide before asking for help and I have not found a solution. I have also cleared cookies and browsing history. I have only one Government Gateway account. Still no joy.

Have you removed all failed attempts before trying again?

Paul - Thanks for the response, I’m not sure what you mean by ‘removed all failed attempts’ where would I do this?

Hi @AndrewWood

Sometimes you can have multiple connections with HMRC without realising. If you go to Reports >> HMRC you should see all links there. You want to make sure that you only have one link

Hi - There is only one link on that page

Hi @AndrewWood

If you have tried everything in the troubleshooting guide and are sure that the details you’ve entered are correct then it may be worth contacting HMRC as the errors are returned by them

I’ve found the problem - but not a solution as yet. When I click the link +Connect in the HMRC Tax Accounts dashboard in Quick File I am taken to the HMRC website, this logs in automatically - but to an old HMRC account I used to have as a sole trader and I cannot find a way to switch this to the HMRC account for my limited company

I closed the old HMRC account and this forced me to enter my HMRC log in details so I was able to log in to the limited company HMRC account. The link has been successfully re established

This is what Beth meant by

A good trick is to open up your QuickFile in a “private browsing” or “incognito” window, as that ensures you’re completely logged out of everything before you start the process.

When is you VAT return due? I had this problem but I was trying to access it too early, I think MTD only make the VAT return accessible approx 6 weeks before the VAT return is due.

Hmrc helpline is okay but it took 10days to find out that they use the name not the vat number.
There is another hmrc reset for authority so google it.

Thanks for all the help guys, in the end I found the problem was that my old sole trader VAT account at HMRC was not fully closed down, by closing that down it forced a new log in to HMRC and I was able to log in with my limited company details and all is now fine.

I cannot renew authority despite attending the issues mentioned below.

It is not related to when VAT is due, but the authority lasts only 18 months for some reason.

Quickfile opens HMRC window automatically so that’s not helpful and Quickfile refuse to help individuals

This is by design, and not something QuickFile can change - it is HMRC who limit the authority to 18 months.

If you’re having trouble renewing then my advice would always be:

  • open a “private browsing” or “incognito mode” browser window
  • log into your QuickFile in there (it will not have any saved passwords and if you use 2FA then you’ll have to enter a code even if your normal window has remembered you)
  • reports → HMRC
  • remove all the tax account rows from the table with the disconnect :x: buttons
  • click the connect button
  • log in to HMRC - again it won’t have your saved passwords available, but it guarantees you’re not getting auto-logged-in to the wrong HMRC account
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