Can't run Year End Wizard

I need to run the YE wizard and find an accountant now instead of getting the reminder link at top of web page. I have looked for the little calculator logo but no sign of it. Also cannot run the checklist as no sign of that link either. Need help please.

Hi @Howard

Is your account linked to an Affinity account already? If you’re unsure, if you go to Account Settings > Team Management, it will show up there if it is.

Thanks Mathew, I have deleted the accountant user but I went part way through some YE process and it saved a YE Journal the locked the year. I have set the lock date back 1 year but I think now need to delete the Journal. Is it safe to do this ?


Deleting the journal is just part of the year end wizard. If you delete this, it will be recreated when you re-run the wizard for the same period.

Ok done that but I am looking for this link as it gives me pricing and payment method. No sign of it anywhere on my portal


If you’ve just revoked the access for an Affinity account, you may need to log out and then back in to see this change.

However, you can also find this option by going to Help > Additional Services >
Limited company year-end service (may be worded differently if you’re a sole trader).

Hi Mathew, yes that did it - Logout / Login and Year End Price Comparison appears

many thanks :smiley:

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