Can't save Purchase Order in USD

i am trying to create new PO for my Chinese supplier and i cant save it when i chose USD as a currency. The Saving Purchase Order message is still shown and the cogwheel still spinning.
In GBP it works ok.
Can you please help ?
Thank you

We’ll look into this for you now.

I didn’t have any problems creating a PO in USD. Please can you let me know which browser you are using?

Also please try to clear your history or refresh the page while holding down CTRL. After the refresh try entering again.

nothing helped.
cleared all history, cache, cookies, and temporary files…
Used Chrome and then checked on IE, still the same…

I’ve passed this over for an engineer to look at in more detail, will report back when I know more.

Thank you, let me know if you find anything

No issues found, let me send you a private message to discuss further, it may take a specific sequence of events to recreate the error.

Please would you retry now? I am told this is now working, you may need to refresh your page a couple of times.

you are brilliant guys !
Now all fine :smiley:
What was that ?

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