Can't see "Salary, dividend or other drawings" option

Hello, I have opted for a sole trader as the structure for my QuickFile as this is my main income, but I also have three employments, including one as a company director. While tagging the bank transactions I don’t have the option “Salary, dividend or other drawings” that I would like to use for tagging salaries from two of my employments (non-directorial).

Is there a way to activate that option? Or what alternative tag should I use?
Many thanks

This option would only appear for money out transactions. If it’s a salary/dividend, I don’t think you should be accounting for it as a sole trader anyway. You best check with your accountant on that one.

Edit: Just noticed you said you’re employed. If that’s the case, you’re not classified as a sole trader for tax purposes

“Money Out” explains why I can’t see it! Thanks.
I am mixing self-employment with employment, it is quite complicated…

I think I will create Clients in the names of my two employers. I work there on hourly-paid bases so I will just be creating invoices every Pay-claim, without sending them (for the clarity of my accounts) and tagging those payments accordingly.

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