Can't submit VAT return

Hi there

I am trying to submit a VAT return but it keeps failing:

Vat return submission failed after submitting to HMRC.There appears to be a problem communicating with the server, please retry later (code: -2).

account id: ****411989


Can you please try again and let me know if the problem persists? This error is usually only temporary and due to high load on the database server at the time.


OK we’re seeing the errors again, but only on your account. I’ve asked a developer to look at this to see what’s going on.

thanks, i have tried quite a few times thinking it might be load based due to feeds etc running at the same time.


It’s due to the size of the account, the database server is straining when trying to lock down all the items in the return. We’re looking at how we can improve the performance here, as soon as we’ve had a good look we will report back.


We’re looking at possibly tuning a particular table that is causing this slow down. Unfortunately we can’t do this during peak hours. We should however be able to complete this around 4-5pm today. As soon as we have done this I will get back to you.

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