Can't tag a transaction to an imported invoice

  1. I have imported some invoices.
  2. When I try to tag a payment transaction to one of these invoices, I can’t seem to use the “Payment from customer” option, because it doesn’t see any unpaid invoices that it can be tagged to.
  3. I notice that the imported invoices do not show as outstanding.
  4. What am I doing wrong? Thank you for any help!

Hi @COatJSL,

It sounds like when you’ve imported the invoices you’ve marked them as paid during the process.

If you go into one of the imported invoices then you should be able to see the linked payment and where it was created from.

Hope this helps

Thanks for quick reply.
The invoices don’t seem to be marked as paid. At least, the invoices show as DRAFT and also show the Log payment button.

If the invoices are DRAFT then you’ll need to save them in order for you to be able to tag payments against them.

To do this you need to mark them as sent. They will then be available for tagging

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Beth, ah, I see, let me try that and see if it fixes the problem.

Hi Chris here.
That seems to work, so thanks very much.
Supplementary question: I have maybe a dozen similar invoices which I tagged using the “something else not on this list” option. Would it be best to untag/retag these now I know what to do?

Hi @COatJSL,

Yes, if you untag them then you can tag them correctly

Hi Beth, can you refer me to the guidance in the knowledge base that describes they way you have solved my problem?

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