Cant Tag invoices

I can generate new invoices but if I try tagging an invoice to a bank statement I get the spinning wheel meaning I am waiting and it never completes?

Hi @stan2,

Sorry to hear you are having problems. How are you tagging these invoices - from which screen? Are you able to let me know your steps so that I can see if I can replicate this issue?


I am just using the same one I have used for over a year. Its the Bank Statement Screen where the “Tag Me” is RED and I just attempt to “Create a new invoice for a payment” that is on my Account Statement.

Are you seeing the spinning wheel when you click the tag me button or after this? I don’t seem to be able to replicate this. Have you tried using a different web browser or clearing your cache?

Thank you Beth it was set as using IE, no problem until today. I have just tried in Chrome and no problem so many thanks.

IE is now unsupported so you should really switch to using Edge at least, ideally Chrome or Firefox.

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