Can't upload Yorkshire bank statements

Hi I recently moved to Yorkshire bank. Can’t see it in the list of supported banks, so went for others. Tried to upload different formats qif, cvs, … nothing works. Can you suggest what would be the best way to work with Yorkshire bank. Thanks
It was so easy with HSBC …

Hi @Dina_Williams

Uploading a .csv file with the ‘Other’ option would be the best bet. Does it give you any error messages when you try and import this?

Yes, it does even though it looks like the column are properly mapped.
The date format is 20161004 for 4th October 2016. Could this be a problem?

Quite likely. Are you able to send me a copy of the CSV in a private message and I’ll take a look for you?

To send a private message, click my name and then click ‘Message’

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