Car Mileage

Do you book it to General Purchases or Create New Account in Chart of Accounts?

Well, you’re not purchasing car mileage so I’d say make a new category or put it in under misc motor expenses.

Are you saying you are claiming mileage allowance.

Set a new supplier and call it "Approved Mileage Allowance.

You can create a purchase for the mileage monthly or quarterly, depending on how you run your accounts.

Enter the mileage, @£0.45p per mile for the first 10,000 and £0.25p thereafter. You can claim an additional 5p per passenger.

Bill to travelling.

If vat register, you can claim the vat portion if you want, you’ll need to get the figures from hrmc, as it varies per vehicle size.

If there’s no vat involved. I’d be inclined to just set up a reoccurring journal for each month. No point creating purchase reciepts.

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You can put it to travel costs

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