Card Charges - Unknown amount on clients account

Just taken a payment on the phone for 2 invoices (0350, 0351). It displayed a card payment charge of £0.55, but after payment has been taken, there’s £0.72 unaccounted for.

I’d assume this has come from the card charges, but not sure why it’s £0.72 when it said £0.55?

May just be me though!

The two invoices (0350, 0351) are £24.99 and £11.49 respectively, totaling at £36.48. The payment that came back from Stripe is showing as £37.20 leaving a difference of 72p which has gone onto account credit.

Can you confirm that Stripe actually collected £37.20? Is your Stripe setup configured to add on surcharges, just wondering if QF and Stripe both added a charge on?

I weren’t aware (and can’t find) an option for Stripe to add a charge on.

We have it set to 1.5% charge which I work out as £0.55 (which was correctly shown on the original screen). Stripe is showing £37.20 as collected:

I’ve escalated so we’ll take a look and report back.



OK we identified a specific issue with Stripe and percentage based card charges. What happened here is the 1.5% was getting rounded to 2%. It was treating the percentage as an integer rather than a decimal, it most likely stemmed from our C# migration. However we do have that fully patched now. Apologies for the confusion.

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