Cash Register Tool - Payment dates setting to today's date


I love the new Cash Register tool as it saves quite a bit of time for me when entering a quarters daily takings (in bilk at the end of the VAT quarter) for my client but I’m finding that although I enter the correct date for the takings and the invoices are shown as paid I’m finding that the payment is being registered with today’s date (not the invoice date) and as my client uses cash accounting the payment is outside the VAT quarter I’m working on.

Is there any way to alter the settings or do a bulk change on the dates so that the date paid is the same as the invoice date ?

Only alternative I can see is to delete the automatic payments that the cash register tool does and then go through them all again re-entering the payment with the correct date. Given that there are two transactions (cash and card) for each day x 5 days per week that’s a lot of time consuming correcting.

Any ideas ?

Many thanks

Hi @Echohead

Thank you for the positive feedback! :slight_smile:

I’ve logged this with our development team to review. I believe both dates should be the same.

You can change the date by clicking on the date itself in the bank statement view, which will show a calendar pop up. You can change it there (it saves automatically).

Bulk changing isn’t possible unfortunately. You can bulk tag, but this wouldn’t be directly to the invoice, it would be to the client’s account.

I’ll keep you posted on the date issue however. Watch this space.

@Echohead - Apologies for the delay in coming back to you on this one. This has now been fixed. Please can you try it again and let me know if that works all OK?


Yes this now works perfectly. This will now save so much time at the next quarters record keeping with takings daily !

Thank you for working on this.

This is a great app with fabulous support.