Cashflow mappings

I have been using the cash flow report to produce a monthly cash flow but I tried today and the mappings are all over the place. Has anyone had the same experience. I have tried to reset the mappings but it isn’t working.

Hi @jnorth

Sorry to hear you’re having issues with this.

We’re not aware of any issues here, but we will certainly help get this working for you. Are you seeing any error messages? If so, would you mind uploading a screenshot of these please?

No error messages. The report has just suddenly included a director cuurent account in ‘receipts from customer’ and dropped bank charges and subscriptions from ‘Payments to suppliers and employees’ putting them in ‘Cash payments from other operating activities’. The ‘cash and cash equivalents at the end of the period’ is incorrect too and doesn’t agree with ‘cash and cash equivalents at the beginning of the period’ in the following months cash flow report.

Does anyone else have access to your account, e.g. a colleague? It may be worth checking with them to see if they have changed anything here.

I’ve asked someone to look at this

No. Only I have access. Thanks

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