Categories for Self Storage & Security Deposit

I have an invoice for our Self Storage Rental Unit, Security Deposit and insurance. Obviously the insurance would be placed in the insurance category however, where would I place the Rental unit itself and the security deposit I’m assuming would be in another one again.

Please help.

Thanks, Martin

I would put every thing under rent

Thanks for the reply, why would you put everything under rent rather than separate, and because the deposit is returnable, would that go separate? Thanks

Deposit bit would be prepayments rest all can sit under rent. HMRC is not bothered about tons of categories

Thanks very much! could you please tell me how I would add the deposit to prepayments?

Book all invoices for rent and then do a journal for prepayment

Dr Prepayment
Cr Rent

Fantastic! And when it is returned just the opposite?

Almost , that would be
Dr Bank
Cr Prepayment

Brilliant! Thanks very much for your help.

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