Categorising payments from the market


I’m selling fudge online and also in the markets and food fairs. I’m not inputting each amount I take (ie £2.54, £3.52, £4.56 etc) but the total amount I take at each market (ie £110) and for each person when I send from online orders. Is this correct? If so, how do I categorise the income? Not really sure where to start! Many thanks.


There’s quite a few threads regarding inputting daily takings, and I’m fairly certain there is a section in the knowledgebase about this, which is what you’re effectively doing so a quick search should bring up a few answers hopefully.

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You seem to be taking the recommended route. The categorisation depends on your own business needs. You could simply put them all down as general sales or you could create two custom categories for over the counter sales and internet sales.

As a magazine editor I use custom categories to separate my three revenue streams of wholesale sales, direct subscriptions and advertising.

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Many thanks, I’ll take a look

Good advice, thank you