Categorising purchases under more than 1 category

I would like to know if there is a feature in Quick File that will allow for each purchase entered to be categorized under more than 1 category.
We are a service based business where our work is organised by projects carried out for clients. In addition to categorising a purchase into its nominal category for accounting purposes, we would like like to categorise the purchase into Project code. This will enable us to analyse the profitability of each completed project, and to understand what costs were charged to that project.

Is this possible in Quick File?


We don’t currently support “Projects” in Quick File. This is an area that we are looking to develop in 2014, unfortunately I don’t have any precise time-frame for implementation as yet.

thanks for the confirmation

You find the following work around on a similar posting useful:

You can now use our project reporting tool to tag your purchases and sales invoices so that you can group them together and obtain a project level P&L and other useful analytics.

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