Catering at Events

In previous topics I’ve been told that food is an unallowable expense, but wondered if this was the case when it comes to catering at events?
If this is allowed, what nominal code should these costs be posted to?

Thanks in advance

Not all events qualify as allowable expense, if they do Sundry expense would be used for it

Thanks for getting back to me. What sort of events qualify, is there a criteria that I could use?

The types of events we would be running would be:

  • Courses for clients (of various kinds) where food would be at lunch time
  • Project launches & Public events (like forums for example) where food would be just to keep people happy (for want of a better explanation!)

Just want to make sure I get it right! :smile:

Generally any expense in relation to winning new business is OK. This should help

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Thank you :smile:
I’ll take a little look and hope that clears it up a bit!