CC Overdue Reminders

Is there a way to get Overdue Reminders automatically sent to more than the ‘primary’ email address? I need them to be ‘cc’ to the contacts on file and bcc’d to my accountant.

Right now all invoice reminders go to the default contact if you have the auto-send feature switched on. If you switch off auto-send you will be able to manually select those emails based on the contacts saved for a given client. There’s also an option to CC.

In actual fact when you select multiple contacts they are all the equivalent of BCC.

Have just sent a reminder and forgot to CC myself. Is there another way of obtaining copy?

Mmm, not without sending it again I’m afraid. We may have a transcript of the email on our system, if you let me know the time you sent it?

Transcript would be great - details as follows: 09/08/2013 10:58 George Final Overdue Reminder for invoice #1983 sent to client electronically

Whilst writing how do I resend it as client comes of credit control list once sent?

I’ve PM’d you the transcript.

If you modify the schedule you can probably trigger it to reappear as a new reminder. You can then choose which template you want to send. On the following guide look under “Configure a different schedule for a specific invoice”.

Also if you disable invoice reminders in account settings then enable again it will reappear. But BEWARE, it will reset ALL reminders so it may not be desirable.

Hi Glenn, thanks, I suspected this was the case, great to have the confirmation