CCing Recurring Invoices

Hi - would it be possible to allow recurring invoices to all contacts on the client account and also to CC a copy to ourselves.

The reason is that often Accounting departments want a copy of he Invoice and also we would appreciate a copy for our own records.

This is all possible for manual Invoicing - but reoccurring invoices are only sent to a primary contact. This is a guess a feature request.


Thanks for the suggestion. Currently recurring invoices get dispatched to the default account holder. We can certainly consider this as a feature when we review this particular part of the software. Any other users looking to support this feature, please add your vote.


Yes, CC’s would help when primary recipient is away/on hols else we enter cash flow hassles

I agree… this will really help and is much needed too

Hi, don’t think its possible to CC ourselves on recurring invoices yet.
I am adding my vote to this.


Would be a great feature

Would be graet feature, has my vote


I agree with this, at least I will know that the recurring invoice has been emailed to my client.

I add my support for this.

I have updated this to “planned”. We will be starting work on this tomorrow.


Great news, thank you.

I’m pleased to say that this feature has been implemented.

Now whenever you preview a recurring invoice template you will always see a list of possible email recipients (much like when you send an invoice manually), you can select a single or any combination of recipients to send to.

There is also an option to CC the invoices to the account holders as and when they are issued.

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This is great - thank you - and a beautiful implementation of what was needed, perfect. I’ve updated all my Recurring Invoices already - thanks