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CCY gain from paying USD invoice

I have raised a USD invoice - no issues.
Paid USD invoice with USD - no issues.
it’s showing a GBP CCY gain and there should be none. In the past i have done the same and shown no or marginal FX gains. Can support contact me please.

hi how do i get support on this please?

Hi @svimes

Apologies for the delay in responding.

As the base reporting on QuickFile is in GBP, all values are compared to this. From what you’ve said, the exchange rate recorded on the purchase invoice is different to the one used for the payment, which is what would cause the currency variation.

Hope that helps!

ok how do i adjust as it is a frozen invoice?

Hi @svimes

There isn’t a way to adjust this - you would just need to raise this with your accountant at year end to make the necessary journal adjustments

Could I get somene to have a quick look at the purchase and the payment please? As last year year when i did this I did not have the same issue, and I copied the purchase from last time.

can we have a quick webex?

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