Cell format (data types) for invoice import

We use a different program to generate and sent invoices to our customers.
We would like to then import the invoices into Quickfile.
Our billing program provider will write a csv file specifically for this process, however, they are asking for a little more detail than what is available in the knowledgebase. They specifically requested each cell format, so that their program exports in a format that is accepted into Quickfile, i.e. “Issue Date” cell/field format is //****, or “Description” cell/field is x characters maximum, etc… Can you help?
Many thanks Neil

The available fields for sales invoices, along with the respective data types:


Issue Date [dd/MM/yyyy]
Client name [string(75)]
Description [string(1000)]
Total gross amount [decimal(2DP)]


Invoice Number [string(20)]
Purchase Reference [string(25)]
Sales nominal code [integer(4000-4999)]
Term in days [smallinteger]
VAT rate [decimal(2DP)]
Notes [string(1000)]
Paid date [dd/MM/yyyy]
Paid account nominal code [integer(1200-1299)]


Wow… fantastic support!
Many thanks for this, I’ll send it over to them now.

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Okay… so I’m almost embarrassed to ask this…
Our billing platform provider has now asked if there is a sample file that they can have a copy of? As if the above wasn’t enough for them!

Hi, find the sample files below:

sales-import.csv (187 Bytes)

purchase-import.csv (160 Bytes)

Many thanks Peter…

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