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Change Account Types/Bank Name to Connect Open Banking


I have a Virgin Money Savings account but Virgin Money does not appear in bank name dropdown of available account providers, even though it’s listed as supported on the open banking providers page. The type of my account is listed as ‘Reserve Account’. How can I connect it?

I also want to connect my existing TransferWise accounts which are apparently supported but TransferWise again does not appear in the available bank names. The type of my existing accounts is ‘Merchant Account’ which I think may be wrong but I can’t change it.

I have years of data in all my accounts and don’t want to have to re-create them.


Hi @JonR1

I’ve asked our development team about this, as it should be there. Bear with us, we’ll come back to you shortly.

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Hi @JonR1,

We have made some changes so that these accounts should be showing for you in the drop down.

Please let me know if you are still having problems :slight_smile:

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