Change Browser to Chrome

How can I change the browser from Firefox to Chrome so I can arrange for live updates from my bank?

You can have both Firefox and Chrome installed together, then just change the default browser (actually Chrome will do this when you install it).

You can download and install Chrome from here:

Once Chrome is installed you can get the bank plugin here:

Please also read through the instructions once installed so you are familiar with how it works.

You don’t even need to change the default browser if you want to keep using Firefox for other web usage, just open Chrome for Quickfile related activities as necessary. Multiple browsers will co-exist quite happily.

Thanks guys. What is confusing me, I have chrome loaded, but when I attempt to open QF in it, I get the message asking me for my email so that QF can send me the link to my account. The link then throws me straight back to Firefox where I originally registered QF. Sorry to be a bit slow, but how can I overcome this?

Clicking a link in an email will typically open it in your system’s default browser. Instead, right click the link and look for something like “copy link location”, then paste it into the Chrome address bar.

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