Change date on reciept entry

I have added costs but they take todays date. Can i go back in and change that

Hi @wvdb,

sorry for my delay in replying. If it is an invoice that you have entered then yes, you can amend the date, but if it is a bank entry then you will need to delete and re-enter with the correct date.

Its for both i have manually added sales by creating an invoice. That date is then todays date and i manually added costs. I cant seem to go back in and change the dates on them


If the transactions have been tagged then this locks them - you will need to untag them to be able to amend dates etc.

ok tanks and how do i untag them

Provided they have not been locked by a VAT return/Running the Year End Tool then when you click on the word ‘Tagged’ you will have the option to Un-Tag.

If there is no option then the transaction will have been locked and you won’t be able to amend it.

Ok I guess its too late then i will know for next time.


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