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My bookkeeper has said the following;
Rather annoyingly I can’t get onto Quickfile as they have changed their login screen since I last used it. My old virgin email address is the one linked to it and now that I have changed broadband suppliers, virgin cancelled my email address! Would you be able to tell Quickfile that my email address is no longer in use, and ask them to change it to

Just because she has changed BB supplier doesn’t mean the email and password used for QF will have changed. They will still be the same as it has nothing to do with Virgin or any other email supplier, they hold the records in the QF system. If her old email and password don’t appear to be working she will not be able to reset it as she won’t be able to access the email sent out.

You can login with your admin account and go to Account Settings. Under there, go into User Accounts and there you can see how to modify/create/delete her user account.

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@CaptainNick is right - the username and password remains the same regardless, as this is independant of your broadband supplier.

However, the only reason it’s changed is because now it uses the domain name you signed up to originally, such as If you’re using the same computer you normally do, chances are, it’s still in your history. Try searching it for “quick file” and see what comes up

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The only change we made is by requesting that users log in from their dedicated domain (e.g., the login from the home page was removed. As long as you know the login link (which I will send to you privately) it doesn’t matter that your bookkeeper’s email address has since changed, they would simply key in their old Virgin email address and update it within the Team Management section once logged in.

For security reasons we can’t modify the registered email on an account based on an instruction posted here or elsewhere.

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