Change font on print invoice or customer view

If you use the CSS editor to change font on invoice for example, once you open up print the font does not appear the same, it reverts back. The same if customer views invoice, its not in the changed font. Any help ?

Hi @Kevin_Gravill,

This may happen if the font you are using is not a commonly used one. For example one that you have downloaded, if the QuickFile server doesn’t have the font then it will revert to something like Arial.

Which font is it that you’re using?

Thanks for the reply. I’m using century gothic

Hi @Kevin_Gravill

Apologies, I’ve just noticed that we never managed to resolve this for you.

It’s probably best to use a safe font that’s available on all systems - this is likely to be causing the issue here. The web version will look fine as you have this font installed on your system, but the PDF generator doesn’t.

There are a few fonts you could be using; w3schools have a list (with examples) of some, here: