Change nominal account code within restricted range

Hi, I’ve created a second DLA (as ‘Other’, ‘Loan account’ on the Banking screen), and it’s been assigned 1251 as a nominal account code. I don’t seem to be able to change this to 1202, which would fit adjacent to the standard DLA account of 1201.

Is changing it possible? (Is wanting to change it sensible?)

Thanks, Martin

I think 1200-1230 are reserved for current accounts, with the exception of the default DLA. Any subsequent loan accounts are assigned with a code of 1250+. It won’t really matter too much to be honest.

If we change this behaviour in future you would in theory be able to move the account to the new code although it wont have any affect on how the software works, it’s just an arbitrary number

OK, thanks for clarifying (and for an excellent piece of software!).

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