Change of behaviour duplicate client names

I need to add a client for invoicing etc but they have the same name as another already present. I use account reference codes that differ for each client and assumed that would be the indicator used by the system to differentiate between the records.

As per conversation #28495

To save anyone having to work out exactly how to get to conversation #28495;

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Any chance of this being solved?

Hi @AndyT

There are no changes here I’m afraid. At the moment, I can’t provide any guarantees or timeframes for this, but we will update this thread should anything change.

Thanks for the update. I will have to start looking elsewhere in that case as it’s becoming a real pain.

Just to throw something in, does a . or a space count as a difference to the name.


Company one Ltd.
Company one Ltd…
Company one Ltd…

Or add spaces at the end, not tried myself, so I don’t know if it works, or if it’s enough difference for the system to accept.

I believe that may work yes.