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Change of Company Name

Hi, I created my account with a fictitious name to get started as I hadn’t chosen a company name at the time. I now have a company name but cannot change it in my account. Has anyone done this before and, if so, how did you do it?

Hi @Lorraine1

You can change this in Account Settings >> Company Settings.

If it’s a limited company, you may also wish to update it in Management Info.

Hope that helps!

Hi, I tried to do that but I got the following message: Changing your client domain will also change the login link your clients use to access the system.When I click Save it reverts back to the old name.

Do you confirm that warning or dismiss it?

All the warning means, is the URL of the client area (at the bottom) will invalidate any invoice links you’ve sent out by email through QuickFile. If you haven’t sent any invoices, it’s fine it accept the warning and continue.

I confirmed then got this message: The client domain must contain a minimum of three characters and consist only of letters and numbers. The domain has four letters and no numbers.

Just as a check, if you go to the QuickFile home page and type in your chosen subdomain there, does it show as being available?

No, it’s not there, just goes to the quickfile homepage.

I think I may have been successful now. Thank you

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Sorry - my fault!

If you go to the home page, click “Sign Up Now”:

And then enter your chosen sub domain here:

Does it show as available?

Even without changing the subdomain, you should be able to change the business details.

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