Change of Worldpay Merchant code


I have recently spoke to Worldpay and we established that there is an issue with a wrong Merchant ID number allocated. Would you be able to assist ?

Thank you,

Hi @Ieva

We will certainly try to help where possible. Could you please let me know what you’re looking for help with in particular, and I’ll try and point you in the right direction?

Any Quickfile invoices in South African Rands are going through a wrong Worldpay Merchand ID. Worldpay suggested to contact you and ask to allocate the correct number (which I could provide).

If you have Worldpay set up as a payment option on invoices, you can change this by going to Account Settings >> Manage Payment Options.

You should be able to update any settings you have for Worldpay there (along with other payment options too). However, at this time you can only have 1 set up for each provider. I’m not too familiar with Worldpay, but if for example you have 1 merchant ID for GBP and one for rands, then this wouldn’t be possible.

We have been trading in more than one currency for a while now and had no issues before.

I think that would be an issue for Worldpay then I’m afraid. QuickFile has always supported just the 1 Worldpay connection, so we would have used the details saved on your account.

I will speak with Worldpay again.

Thank you !

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