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Change Paypal Payment button text

Is it possible to change the Paypal payment button text from “Make a secure payment with PayPal” to say “Pay with Card” like STRIPE does.

Clients get confused and think they need to have a PayPal account.

Hi @AdventurePro,

Thank you for your feedback, I will pass this on to the relevant person :slight_smile:

That also then confuses the issue the other way, people with PayPal accounts wonder how you pay with PayPal (been in exactly that situation).

Probably needs a tooltip rather than trying to explain it all on the button text.

How about: “Make a secure payment with PayPal or by Card”

Could work, seems a bit wordy to me for a button text.

I think you can also set separate landing pages for PayPal so you could have 2 buttons, ‘pay with card’ and ‘pay with PayPal’.

The best solution IMO is to just not use PayPal where possible and use Stripe for cards anyway!

Hi @AdventurePro,

Unfortunately this isn’t something that is likely to change but we have taken your comment on board

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