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Change time denomination per invoice


I would really like to see an option that lets me change time-based invoices from hours to days on a per invoice basis.

As a freelance consultant, depending on the type of job, I charge by the hour or a day rate, so I need the ability to adjust on the fly. I’m aware that this is currently done on a global basis, and that changing it from hours to days affects both past and present invoices, hence this feature request.

It would also be good to have an option to just charge a flat fee, as opposed to an hourly or daily rate.

One of my recent jobs for one client involved both a job with a pre-arranged set fee, and a job incurring a day rate. As it happens, both jobs are to be billed separately (one business, one private), but it would be extremely useful to be able to put this all in a single invoice when needed.

I appreciate that this is probably not exactly trivial to implement, but I thought I put in the request anyway :slight_smile:


Hi @Aerion

Thank you for your suggestion.

I don’t think this is something that’s likely to change given that it’s been part of the core system since the beginning. But as always, we’re happy to look into things if there is enough interest.

I am aware that some users at the moment mix both time and item invoice lines for the different lengths. For example, using time lines for hours and item lines for days.


The simplest way would just be to suppress the header (that is, add the option to NOT have header text ‘Hours’ or ‘Days’ and then put the rate into the inventory description). I’ve tried using .transform-taskHead_04 to just change the to ‘Qty’ but it appears to no avail.

[EDIT]: Just realised that I can have a blank entry in the Invoice settings for the period header