Change transaction date

Hi Team,
is there a way to change the transaction date on entries imported, we started using QF may 1st as our yr end was april 30th, all good, but we imported the credit card statement for may that had entries for april, our old accountant has suggested we change the date to may 1st because other wise they should have been in last years accounts, actual payment was after may 1st so feels its ok, but, we need the payment date to show as may 1st or later, i tried deleting the payment to the invoice and then repaying but it seemed to revert back to the date of the entry imported from the cc statement

hope this makes sense, our account is ****411989

Thanks in advance

have you tried click9ing the date itself, a drop down calender should appear to change date also check if you have Account lock date in place (account setting> all setting> Account lock date)

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