Changes & Errors on Invoices


Made a few changes earlier to make a few invoices VAT exempt. Just downloaded a VAT calculation and these changes have reverted back to being non exempt.

Also had a few invoices i created yesterday with 31/03/16 date reverting to yesterdays date, rather than the date i had input. I do sometimes forget to put the correct date but i did double check these ones.

Anyone else had a similar thing happen?

Hi @scoobeski

Just wanted to confirm - you’ve made changes to some invoices, but they haven’t saved - is that correct?

Do you have any examples of invoices numbers and I can take a quick look for you and try and find out what’s going on?

Some of the invoices i changed to exempt were #QF00145, #QF00172 and #QF00187. When i went back to them the exempt tick at the bottom had disappeared so re-ticked them.

There was a few invoices with incorrect dates, i’ve changed the dates back. The 2 i remember are #QF00192 and #QF00189

No worries if you can’t see anything as i’ve changed everything back. Just wanted to mention it in case anyone else had the same problem :slightly_smiling:

I’ve just tried to replicate this on my test account, but I can’t seem to. I’ve tried changing the dates, and marking them as except, but it seems to save all OK.

Did they definitely save when you set the VAT except option and changed the dates?

I think so, the page jumped to the top and i think it said saved. Our internets been a bit goofy today, so not sure if that’s caused it