Changing Bank Accounts


we are moving Bank Accounts due to poor service and now have to let all the clients know.

As all our clients details are held in Quickfile is there a quick way to email each one with the new payment details.

Seems sensible as otherwise we would have to store their email and contact details twice.

Any help on this gratefully received.

All the best from Involve.

You can export client details to CSV and use email ids to email them via any other email service e.g outllok, thunderbird or if you use mail chimp for newsletters

Thanks Faraday but I was hoping to accomplish this from within Quickfile as then all client information and history is in one place.

You can send individual messages to each client but not mass mail

Thanks again. Do you mean from within Quickfile - if so where? Cheers again.

A similar post popped up last week, see here, it may help:

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