Changing categories on invoices & category selection for stock

We run a few shops and I have entered the wages to the staff that work for us part time (but on a regular basis, say 3 days a week)) under ‘General expenses’. However, that is a broad category and I noticed in the nominal accounts that there is a ‘Net salary paid to Staff’, category 7003. So I went back to the invoices and changed the category to 7003 as I could then see that item of expenditure more clearly in the Chart of Accounts ( I want to see the net value paid not the gross) and any Custom Reports. It changes OK and shows as changed in the invoice but when I view that invoice again it has reverted to ‘General expenses’.

  1. Is my approach to place part time paid staff under 7003 for reporting the best plan?
  2. Am I doing something wrong on changing the category in the purchase invoice?

A final quickie! I have moved general stock purchases for the shops from ‘General expenses’ to 5202 ‘Stock purchases’. I read in this forum when I started that its best to lump things together under General expenses but that’s not helping me with reports.

  1. Is 5202 the best category for stock that is marked up and sold (not manufactured in any way)?

Thanks as always for your great service.


In general staff payments should be tagged directly from the bank, not raised as an invoice. If you run a PAYE scheme this guide will show you how to correctly process salary payments:

Entering Salaries, Dividends and Drawings

In general anything you buy and sell in the shop on a short turnaround can go to any of the 5000 codes. You can even create your own codes if you wish to differentiate the different types of purchases you are making, but it’s best not to go crazy with 100s of different nominal codes as your accountant will have a hard time completing your year-end.

Hope that helps!

OK,learning every day. I will continue as I am and then adopt that approach for the next year which starts in a couple of months. I don’t want to create new nominal codes… there are enough already :wink: I will go with 5202 for now then. Thanks for that Glen.

What about the category not changing in the invoice field (changing category to 7003)? Should I be able to make such a change?


Technically you shouldn’t as salary payments shouldn’t be invoiced, so the system excludes these codes from the drop-down list. I would delete the invoices and tag from the bank as per the guide.

Ah,so that’s what’s happening. The validation on that field is after I leave the invoice then rather than when I select the category.

OK, advice taken, I will tag them… some more work for me to do :wink:

Thanks for your support.

Mmm, I’m just trying to follow what you’re doing here. I did notice that I can use the “Help me choose a category” popup and I can select NET Salaries paid, it then binds to the form and when I save it reverts back to “general purchases”. This shouldn’t be happening, the dialogue box should not allow you to update the form as this should never be entered under an invoice.

That’s helpful to know thank you, we’ll get that fixed ASAP :smile:

That is exactly what I am doing. The Net Salaries text is selected, the form updated and then accepted into the field. You can then save the form although I don’t think this makes any difference but the option is there. When you leave the form and revisit it again, the text value is back to the original ‘General Expenses’.

I understand now that you shouldn’t be able to do this so I’ll leave you to fix that.Hope its been helpful for you.


We fixed this in our development version so it should go live early next week with any luck.

Thanks for the support and guidance, I appreciate it.