Changing Client Area Name

Hi All,

We’ve recently changed the name of our company and decided to try and change the name of our Client Area through the Company Settings page.

We felt confident about doing so as it states at the top of the Company Setting page that ‘any changes made here will not affect retrospective invoices.

Unfortunately we’re now getting emails from clients stating that they can no longer view retrospective invoices through the link in the Quick File email and that they are being taken to the Quick File homepage.

We’re sending them PDF’s over but it’s an unexpected inconvenience.

Have we missed a trick here?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Jonathan,

If you’ve changed your URL (the ‘youcompany’ part in ', the changes you make won’t affect the invoices themselves, but any previously sent emails will be affected. The emails will point to, for example, which won’t exist if you change it. This causes the redirection to the home page.

Any new emails you send should be all OK and should include your new URL.

I hope that helps?

I think it’s worth adding, that if your client has a link to a new invoice, it actually logs them into their control panel, which allows them to view old invoices, estimates and statements

Hi Mathew,

Cheers for the quick reply!

Yes, it only seems to be previously sent emails that are affected.

Perhaps some kind of prompt stating that this will happen might be a good idea.

I wouldn’t have changed the name if I knew there would be an issue.

Many thanks again for your quick reply.


No problem on the quick reply! :slightly_smiling:

I’ve made a recommendation to have the notice extended to make this a bit clearer. There is currently a warning in place, but this doesn’t necessarily mention about previous invoices:

Hopefully this hasn’t caused too much of an issue for you!

It’s given me a bit more work to do :wink: but it’s easy enough to remedy :+1:

Cheers for your help.


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