Changing company name on GoCardless


I may need to change my company name. I can change the Company Profile easily, but I will need to change GoCardless too. Currently, I do not have any Live customers paying via GoCardless so if I make this change I assume it would be better to do this now. How would I go about changing GoCardless? I do have two test clients with GoCardless added, which I would need to change.


Following on from my original post, I see that I can amend details directly on my GoCardless account too. It looks like changing Company name and other details should be ok, but my main concern is that I do not break the link between QF & GC, so advise welcome.

I don’t think changing the company name on GoCardless will have any affect on the integration with Quick File as we link to your account using a token issued to us by GoCardless, which will almost certainly remain unchanged. If you have any problems please let us know and we will certainly look into this.

Ok thank you very much