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Changing default bank details on invoice

I have a GBP bank account and a EUR bank account. I have the GBP as default when raising an invoice. However, if I have to raise an invoice with the EUR bank account details then what is the quickest way to change the bank details on the invoice?

Hi @Jon_G,

Do you currently have the details set in the footer of the invoice with the bank details?

Yes, have saved the GBP bank account details in the footer.

Hi @QFBeth When I change those to the EUR bank account manually then I can print the invoice with the EUR account bank details but then when I go back and change the footer to the GBP bank account details then of course it changes those details on the invoice backā€¦ Incidentally, Quickbooks and Xero where awkward with this but Clearbooks has a simple option and when an invoice is raised the relevant bank account can be simply used by selecting the bank details you want for any particular invoice.

@QFBeth Any thoughts?

Hi @Jon_G,

Is it particular clients that you invoice in euros and then others in GBP? if it is certain clients then using different trading styles could work, you could have a template for Euro and a template for GBP.

Custom Trading Styles

Another option would be to add a notes line in the invoice with the bank details on?

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