Changing from sole trader to ltd company

We have been trialing Quickfile for some time now and wish to go live in the next few weeks. We will be a ltd company and therefore will have to open a new account for these changes. We don’t want to use a different email address. Could you confirm that if we delete our existing account and then open a new account with the same email address as previously used that this would be possible. Also I understand that you could arrange for the existing customer and supplier records to be set up.

Yes, if you delete the existing account this will free up the email for use in the second account. And yes we can migrate the client and supplier records, we’d just need to know the old account number and the new account number. Obviously you won’t be able to delete the original account until the contacts have been migrated so you may need to use a temporary address to register the new account until the migration is complete.

Hi Glenn, thanks for your prompt reply. If I understand you correctly, we can continue using the existing account and continue to trial it. When we are then ready, open a new account with a different temp email then ask you to copy the details across before deleting the first account. I will then be left with an account with a temp email address. We would then need to change the email to our original mail address, Is this something I can change or do you do it.

Yes that would work, once the contacts are migrated and the old account is closed you can just change the login email yourself in the team section.

I have just done the very same thing,worked a treat.

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