Changing Inventory items in re Occurring invoices

I use your reoccurring invoices a lot and have a lot of them set up for charging my client we hosting and other annual services.

I have amended a price on my inventory item/task & assumed that this would change all the inventory items in my reoccurring invoices, but it doesn’t seem to do so.

Do I need to go back into every reoccurring invoice or or is there a way to to change this?

Thanks in advance,

I’m afraid you’d need to go in and manually change the recurring invoices.

Oh No!

Is there a better way I should be setting these up for any future reoccurring invoices?

Are the items in your recurring invoices frequently changing? I’ve not heard this reported as a problem before.

No, I have had my current prices in place for well over 18 months, but just putting them up a bit, so I assumed that changing the inventory item would change all instances of it around my quickfile account.

The inventory system is fairly basic at the moment. It’s really just for templating new invoices, so it doesn’t yet provide all the functionality that a full blown stock control system would.

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