Changing ltd company information

how can I change the limited company information, we have split the company in to two ltd companies, can i chmage all previous invoices to the new ltd company

Hi @GlanmorfaHydro

You can change your company information for new invoices by going to Account Settings >> Company settings, and also update them under Management information too.

However, is the new limited company legally separate from the old one (e.g. new company registration number etc.), or is it all the same but new name?

Hi, thank you for your response, I have managed to change the setting already as suggested above, the company is legally separated from the old company, we have a new registration number, will this automatically change my login information?

thank you

If it’s a legally separate company number, this will likely require a new QuickFile account to keep everything separate. You shouldn’t really mix invoices etc from 2 separate legal entities or it could cause a bit of an accounting headache for you and/or your accountant.

If you do start a new account, we can transfer all your clients and suppliers over for you. You’re welcome to send me a private message (click my name and then ‘message’) if you would like us to do this for you.

The other company do not invoice through the new company, we were going to be under the same umbrella but we have decided to keep them separate, we have only been trading for 3 weeks, so all very new, if we transfer everything over, will all the invoices also be saved?

We can’t transfer the invoices over unfortunately, only suppliers and clients.

Just to be sure I understand the situation correctly -
You have one company (let’s call it A for the moment), but this has now split into 2 separate companies (A & B). This thread relates to the set up of Company B, but it’s a legally separate company and has it’s own company number from Companies House. Is that correct?

Then with the invoices, Company B have not invoiced under the QuickFile account for Company A. Is that also correct?

Just want to be sure we’re on the same wave length! :wink:

yes sorry all very confusing, I use quickfile for my private work and when I joined the company I instantly set them up with quick file under company A’s details as we were going to trade under the same name, but they have decided to trade under company a and b to avoid confusion, I can easily delete current quick file account and re-do invoices I guess, that should not be a problem, as long as I can use the same e-mail and login?

So what I suggested would be the best way forward then:

Company A Ltd. has a QuickFile account
Company B Ltd. has a QuickFile account

Both companies would have separate QuickFile accounts. This way you have an individual profit and loss, balance sheet, invoice reports etc., all suited for those individual companies, and makes it easier in terms of traceability (just incase HMRC ever raises any queries).

You could do an import on the invoices into the new account, but they won’t contain the full details that you have entered. If you haven’t got too many, copying and pasting may be the best way to copy them across.

yes that’s fine, I shall have to do that, company A do not invoice on quickfile at all at the moment hence why I was hoping that I would just change the ltd company number.
Thank you,

Do you record any of their purchases on QuickFile? If the account is empty, then you can change the information and re-use the account. It’s just important you don’t get the wires crossed between the accounts.

Any problems, please let me know :slight_smile:

no the other business has been trading for almost 10years, they don’t put anything through quick file at all, I just used the limited company number, which I should no longer use as it implies that we are invoicing from company A when we want to invoice from company B