Changing receipt status to paid

Hello All…i’m very new to all this making tax digital as i’ve have been keeping all receipts and filing vat returns via HMRC website for 20+ years but i suppose it’s time to embrace change…my main problem up to now is I’ve screenshot various receipts from April but mistakenly not clicked as paid from bank account as i’ve saved the receipt and now the status shows as outstanding instead of paid…I can’t see how to change the status to paid on the few i’ve entered incorrectly…??
I’m using QuickFile app on an iPhone.

Hi @pekservices

QuickFile works by linking your receipts to a bank transaction. Once this link has been made the receipt will show as paid rather than outstanding.

I’ve found the following links that may be of use to you. They do talk through how to do it on the browser version rather than the app version, but the logic should be the same.

How to set up a bank account: Setting up your bank accounts

How to tag your transactions: Tagging your bank transactions

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