Changing terms in invoice

We have clients who may use our services for various things if we doing a disbursement then these are paid into our client account.
If they are paying for services this is paid into our main account currently the only way to send an invoice is to give the client 2 accounts but this does not help for reconciliation of the books.
Is their any way whilst in the invoice to change the terms apart to default.

To add to the mix we have some clients that use a 3rd service which do as a trading style as the logo and terms are different due to legal issues.

It there any plans to expand the default to allow the selection of the template once in the invoice.

Hi @Daren_Shaw

At the moment, the only way to achieve different sets of terms and conditions for clients is by using the multiple trading styles feature, or to manually copy and paste a template into your invoices.

There aren’t any plans to develop this at the moment. I’ve had a quick look but couldn’t find an existing feature request for this, but you’re welcome to start a topic in the feature category for other users to add their comments and vote to. As with all feature requests, if there’s a demand from the community, we’ll happily look into it further.

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