Changing the 'Paid from Account' for Purchases

I discovered that I made a mistake when registering purchases in my Quickfile account. I entered the wrong bank account from which the invoices were paid. I tried to correct the error, but there appears to be no way of correcting the ‘Paid from Account’ information. I can’t find anything in the ‘Help’ section on this subject.

Is there any way of correcting such clerical errors?


It’s not clear how you tried to correct the error. Did you detag the payment transaction on the invoice so it is unpaid?

I had this problem a long time ago and can’t remember how I corrected it… Since then I tag the bank transactions to the invoice rather than the other way round.

As Gollingsm mentioned, go to your bank account where the transaction is wrongly paid from. Click tagged button to detag it. After that, delete that line.
Go to the “right” bank account, enter that transaction with the correct date and amount and tag it to that invoice. (If you have a auto feed for that account or you upload CSV files, the entry should already be there)
Go straight to that invoice, which should now show as unpaid, and mark it from there as paid. Enter your “correct” bank account, date and amount. Click save.
Hope this helps

@rhc I remember now, that’s how I did it :slightly_smiling_face:

And a big ‘yes’ to uploading bank statements (or auto feed) it saves having to reconcile QF with the bank account.


Thanks for your reply.

I went to the purchases page and then clicked on view.

I haven’t tagged anything. It looks like I’ll have to learn about that.

Thanks for your reply and the instructions. I shall give it a go.

Hi @SpaceGhost

For more information about bank tagging, please check out the following link: Tagging your bank transactions

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I attempted to follow your instructions, but I was unable to correct the banking details, because the items I was trying to amend were included in the last VAT return. An error message pops up saying that these items can’t be deleted. These particular items won’t ‘detag’.

You may be able to trick this using the bulk re-coding tool: go to your “balance sheet” report, find the bank account where the payment is currently sitting (in the current assets section) and click the little magnifying glass on the right. This should then take you to the “nominal account” view of that bank account. Use the date filters to find the payment transaction - note that in the nominal view money out shows as credit (in green) and money in as debit (in red). Tick the box for that transaction in the left hand column, then click the “move to new code” button at the top, and you should be able to move the transaction to a different bank account.

I believe this works even if the transaction is linked to a payment that is locked by a VAT return, since it only changes the bank account and not the value of the payment (so it doesn’t affect the VAT).

Thank you, Ian. That worked :+1: It only took a few minutes to amend all entries.

Once I solved that I noticed another issue. I had a refund, which was allocated to the correct business account, but I had subsequently transferred that amount to my personal account, so my Quickfile account is showing it as still sitting there. It’s from a previously submitted VAT return period. Is there a simple solution for this in order to show the amount refunded to be in the correct account?

What exactly is wrong in this case? You received a refund into account X, you later transferred the same amount over to account Y, is that what it’s showing? And if so what do you think it should show?

No, the transfer to Y (my personal account) actually took place, but I haven’t entered that transaction in Quickfile, therefore the money is showing as still in a business account. I need to show that it is no longer in the business account and in my personal account.

If you have a bank feed for your business account then you should already have a “money out” transaction for the transfer. If you don’t have a feed then you can use the “new transaction” button at the top to add the transaction by hand. Either way, once the money out transaction exists you can tag it as a transfer between accounts.

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