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Changing the start date of my QF account

Hi all,

I started using QF, using a closing trial balance from my accountant as of 04/09/20 and have been using it ever since. However, I’d actually prefer to have a detailed set of accounts for the whole company year, which runs from Dec 01 to 30 Nov.

Can I simply adjust the existing trial balance or should I delete it and create a new ‘opening balance’ (for the start of the company year) from Account Settings > General Settings?

From there, I assume I just need to add the missing data for Dec 01 2019 to Sept 03 2020 (sales, purchases, payroll journals and bank statements) - is that correct?

Re VAT - I’ve been using QF to file my VAT returns. Obviously, I don’t want to re-submit anything, so do I change the Vat Filing Start Date in VAT Settings or leave it as is? If I leave as is, will QF create the missing VAT journals or do I need to do that myself?

I think I’ve covered everything, but wanted to check before I inadvertently ‘break’ my account. Are my assumptions correct have I missed something?

Many thanks in advance!!

Hi @Laney

Please accept my apologies for the delayed reply.

You could adjust an existing trial balance, but it may be best to remove it and import a new one to ensure it’s correct and accurately reflects the figures from your accountant.

With the VAT, changing the VAT start date will exclude anything prior to the date entered. So if you do this, just ensure that anything that is excluded is accounted for corrected (e.g. through a manual adjustment). The only journal QuickFile will create is for the VAT return you save or submit, and the figures on the return are used in the journal.

What would normally happen, is you import the trial balance as of the date you want to start, and work forward from there, adding to the data. As long as you do this, account for everything normally, making sure nothing is duplicated, then you should be OK.

Hope this helps.

Hi @QFMathew

No problem, thanks for taking the time to reply - much appreciated!

Sorry, I meant, should I change the VAT start date to coincide with the start of my company year, ie back date it?

I’ve been using QF to submit my VAT returns since Sept 2020, so I don’t want to re-submit anything, I also don’t want to ‘break’ anything moving forward… If I change the VAT start date:

  • Will QF create the missing journals?
  • Will QF try to submit any/all returns up until now?
  • Will I be able to carry on submitting my returns next quarter?

That’s what I thought, but having used a different piece of software (in order to file my YE accounts), the figures don’t match. So, I must have done something wrong in one or both of them and I’m trying to figure out what…??

Many thanks :slight_smile:

If. You’ve mixed and matched softwares got wrong figures etc it will be very hard for anyone to give you an answer on how to fix it. It could be a number of things and take a couple of hours of one to one to track down everything.

You need paid for professional help from an accountant. Support forum in my opinion isn’t enough.

Hi @Paul_Courtier

My post wasn’t asking for help to identify the problem, it was specifically related to how the QuickFile software works in relation to changing the VAT start date. Nobody but a QF forum support member, developer or user could tell me that.

I realise it could take ages to figure out the problem (already has), but if the same figures have been entered into different software, surely the year end figures would be the same regardless of what software were being used. I understand some figures may be calculated slightly differently, but the ‘main’ figures should ‘more or less’ tally.

But thanks for your input anyway :slight_smile:

Yes if exactly the same postings and journals have been made in both softwares the end result should also be the same.

With regards to the vat start date, if everything is the same between softwares you have two choices.

Either pick a start date from when you want qf to calculate the vat due, whether that be based on invoice date or payment date and set the Stert date accordingly (making sure not to include anything already submitted prior)

Or you can disable online filing, set the start date to the beginning and run each vat period already submitted. Saving it rather than submitting it, and then re activate the vat submission when you arive at the next open vat period.

Hi @Paul_Courtier

Thanks for the extra input.

Ahhh! I can simply disable and then re-enable online filing when it’s all up to date - great! Thanks for letting me know.

I’ll probably go over everything in my existing account, as it should tally using the trial balance (as of 4th Sept, as both TBs were supplied by my accountant, so should be correct). If not, I’ll try back dating the account and see what happens…

As it’s an active account that I’ve been using for VAT, etc, I was just anxious not to mess it up. So, I appreciate the extra input, which has been helpful.

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