Changing the title of an invoice when entering


Is there any way for us to set the title of an invoice whilst in the invoice creation screen?

For example, when we create an invoice for an event, we’ll add line items corresponding to the resources used at that event. When the invoice is saved, we then have to go to the invoice list page and edit the title to the name/date of the event for the customers’ reference, but this doesn’t show up on the invoice anywhere at all. Most of our clients use this label to identify the invoice for the event, not reference numbers.


Yes, when saving the system will create a short description based on the first item entered. You can’t override this while entering invoices but you do an inline edit from the main invoices list.

I’ll switch this to a feature request if you like, I can’t promise anything but it will give the opportunity for others to add their vote.

Yes please - the line items describe each resource, not the event, so the ability to edit the short description whilst in the invoice creation screen would be really useful, thanks.

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